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You know how critical skills-based hiring is today and how important it is going to be in coming years. In conjunction with competency-based education programs to support skills-based hiring, the Alabama Talent Triad has created a foundation for supporting our budding skills-based economy.

The Talent Triad has been established to support job seekers in their efforts to find the most advantageous employment, as well as help employers fill in-demand jobs. By bringing together employers & industry partners, education & training providers, and policymakers, Alabama has established a coalition and technical infrastructure that is unmatched as the first true skills-based hiring ecosystem.

In support of growing a skills-based economy beyond its borders, Alabama and its partners will be publishing play-by-play issue papers on the key elements of the Talent Triad here. Topics will include interoperability, the role of policy makers, employer engagement, the role of credential data and use of LERs, funding efforts, competency ontologies, and more.

We invite you to connect with the Alabama Talent Triad team to explore how this work can support transformation in your state and find opportunities to collaborate. We stand ready to find connections to your current efforts and are open to sharing as much as possible so that together we can achieve more for our citizens.

Reach out to us to learn more:

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Talent Playbook

Issue 01: A Playbook for States

April 17, 2023

Building a Talent Marketplace - A Playbook for States

Alabama’s Talent Triad is a unique system, bringing together often disparate efforts to create value and impact for the state’s workforce and economy. Driven by Alabama’s government and its...

Issue 02: Interoperability

April 18, 2023

Interoperability: Scaling Statewide Talent Development Systems: the Alabama Model

No workforce or education digital tool that seeks to facilitate mobility can succeed if it operates in isolation. Interoperability, the ability of data systems to...